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Wash + Fold Service: Same Day Pick-Up/Delivery

Busy Squamish locals can schedule a pick-up/drop-off or wash & fold laundry service. Out of sight, out of mind. Our team picks up laundry at your home at 9am, then provides same-day wash + fold service, dropping off by 7pm. You are not required to book online and can schedule over the phone or by visiting us at The Spot! 

IMPORTANT: read before booking

How to Book Online

Personal $2.00/pound
Commercial $2.50/pound
Minimum Order Amount $50
$15 Delivery Fee (Squamish local only)


Option for pick-up/drop-off at the laundromat:

  1. Choose the date(s) that you would like us to pick-up from your house, work, desired address. We currently serve the local Squamish area for pick-ups at this time. You MUST book by 9pm the night before your desired service date for home pick-up.
  2. Should you opt for delivery, there is a $15 pick-up delivery fee.
  3. Be sure to provide your pick-up address at checkout. This is needed to schedule your booking.
  4. Please include any other relevant notes in the order notes in your Cart before checkout.
  5. You will then receive a booking confirmation email.
  6. If you are requesting delivery, remember to leave your laundry out at your address by 9am on the date of your service.
  7. If you are requesting pick-up, you will drop off your laundry at The Spot and we will have your laundry ready for you to pick-up same day.